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Genesis of a new office rental formula

As a professional therapist in private practice since 1993, I can appreciate the needs of new, part-time or relocating coaching, consultants and mental health professionals. In reviewing the traditional Seattle office rental/lease options that are often available, they are confined to only the rental of blocks of time only during certain hours or certain days. Often times these are days or blocks of times that do not match the practitioner's needs but which the contractor is liable to pay for even if they are unable to use them. My thought is that it would make more sense for practitioners to be able to purchase blocks of hours that they can then use whenever they want based on available rooms during that time.

This Seattle class A building suite of offices is composed of:

The office lease fee structure.

I created a fee structure that charges providers by the aggregate of hours they use rather than by blocks of days. Under this fee structure, you pay for a total of hours rather than a block of days or set times. Sixty minutes beginning on a clock hour (e.g. 5pm), or any fraction thereof, is considered one hour.

How would I schedule?

Upon signing a rental agreement, you will receive a user name and password for the www.downtown-seattle-counseling.com website calendar and forum. Each room has its own calendar page for the month. To schedule a client you need only to browse room calendar pages for the day and time that works best for both you and your client. You would then use your user name and password to book the time you need on the desired day, room and time.

Additional Features of the office suite.

In addition to the features mentioned on the first page.

We handle the details so you can focus on your
clients and building your practice!

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